Miscellaneous 8051 Projects

I can't remember what my first experience with the 8051 microcontroller was. It might actually have been the Intel 8751. I was always digging things out of the trash from industrial parks, and somewhere found a bunch of scrapped boards that used the 8751. These were 8051 family microcontrollers that came with 4 KB of UV erasable EPROM. I read the Intel data sheets on the device and discovered that programming the EPROM was done the same way a 2732 EPROM was programmed. I had a programmer that handled the 27xx series of EPROMS, so designed an adapter that would plug into my EPROM programmer and accept a 8751 in another socket. This allowed me to easily program my 8751s, and I used it for several years.

The 8751s I had weren't the best and they slowly died off. At one point I noticed that they would not program very well. I found that if I covered the UV window during the programming process, things would go much better. Unfortunately I had already thrown out a few of my cherished 8751s.

I knew from the very first time I used the 8751 that I would be using microcontrollers in more of my projects. I was really excited at the chance to design and build small projects that did not require all of the circuitry of discreet TTL or microprocessor designs.

I originally built the general purpose 8051 board shown below while at Photographic Sciences Corporation (PSC). The board actually uses an Atmel  AT89S8252. See how I used that board HERE.

Have any surplus 8051 microcontrollers ?

Original 8051 Project I used for testing my
scanner software at PSC

More permanent general
purpose 8051 board
See this in use - HERE.

PCB layout used to etch circuit board
for general purpose 8051 board

8751 EPROM Programming adapter

8751 EPROM Programming adapter

8751 EPROM Programming adapter
(bottom side)

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